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Energy Saving Tips

Discover Gravity Heating's energy saving tips, from utilising your radiators to using your room thermostats.

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Gravity Heating’s Energy Saving Tips

Maximise your central heating systems efficiency with our energy saving tips

Here at Gravity Heating we want to help you take control of your central heating system and maximise it's efficiency. There's various way to improve your energy efficiency from optimising your boiler temperature to utilising your room thermostats. Discover our top tips below!

Optimising your boiler temperature

Optimising your boiler temperature

The ideal temperature setting for the central heating system on a Worcester Bosch boiler is typically between 50 and 70 degrees Celsius, depending on the specific model and application.

It is typically advised to set the temperature between 60 and 65 degrees for comfort and energy efficiency. This is usually set on the boiler by adjusting the dials on the front panel or the buttons on a modern digital display.

For most condensing boilers, efficient condensation occurs at around 54 to 57 degrees Celsius.

Seeing steam out your flue is a good thing due to the above.

If your boiler is set too high, it will not condense efficiently.

Annual boiler servicing tip Northumberland

Annual Boiler Servicing

Regular servicing ensures your boiler is running efficiently.
It’ll also mean we can spot any possible issues that could become long-term irreversible problems.

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Utilising your radiators

TRV’s (Thermostatic radiator valves) are an excellent addition to your radiators and these allow you to change the temperatures quickly an easily.

The numbers on the radiator valves represent these temperatures;

0 = Off.
* = 7°C.
1 = 10°C.
2 = 15°C.
3 = 20°C.
4 = 25°C.
5 = 30°C

When the room drops below these temperatures the TRV will allow hot water to flow into the radiator.

TRV’s do not make the radiator warmer or cooler, they shut the flow of water on/off. Understanding this helps when setting up the boiler.

Utilising your radiators
Upgrade to a Smart thermostat

Using your room thermostats

Set your room thermostats to your lowest comfortable temperature and if possible, use a programmed thermostat to schedule the on/off times for the central heating, doing this will avoid heating the home when its empty.

Try 19-21 degrees C as a starting point in the living room.

Upgrade to a Smart thermostat

The Worcester Easy Control Smart Thermostat can take into consideration the outside temperature and adjust your boiler heating output to be more efficient.

Weather compensation controls are available, to work in the same way as a smart thermostat, if you are using a different/standard room thermostat.

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Top tips for your radiators

Your radiator is a great indicator for when your central heating system can be more efficient.

Too hot tip radiator

Too Hot

If you can’t keep your hand on the radiator, due to being too hot, turn the boiler temperature setting down. This will also get rid of the overwhelming heat, when your boiler is on and the heating temperature is set too high.

Top cold spots tip radiator

Top Cold Spots

Bleed your radiators when the top section of the panel is cold when the heating is on.

Bleeding your radiators will improving the efficiency of the radiator.

Bottom cold spots tip radiator

Bottom Cold Spots

Cold spots at the bottom of the radiator indicate poor flow and/or sludge build up.

A powerflush is an excellent way to remove any debris build up and improve the efficiency of your central heating system.

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